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Highland Park Orcadian Series 1970

Highland Park Orcadian Series 1970

Single Malt Whisky Schottland, Island

48 % / 70 cl

Vintage 1970 ist die dritte Ausgabe der Highland Park Orcadian Serie. 1800 Flaschen wurden bei 48% Fassstärke abgefüllt aus sieben Refill Butts und Hogsheads

According to Max “The bottling bursts with aromas of caramelised pineapple and lemon peel as well as Highland Park’s trademark balance of aromatic peat and heather honey sweetness. At natural strength it has an intriguing mix of vanilla and coriander seeds but a drop of water brings hidden peat smoke and cedar wood to the top. This single malt has a satisfyingly long, sweet and spicy flavour that hangs on the palate.”

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Marke Highland Park
Alkoholgehalt 48%
Inhalt 70 cl
Jahrgang 1970


  • Colour: Rich, burnished gold still with great clarity and brightness.
  • Nose: Unreduced, the 1970 Vintage has Highland Park’s signature honey sweetness. A burst of caramelised pineapple is followed by a citrus kick. Water reveals sweet oak notes, followed by nasturtium petals and woodsmoke.
  • Palate: At natural strength, an intriguing mix of vanilla and coriander seeds. With water, hidden toasted peat smoke and cedar wood emerge.
  • Finish: Exceptionally long, sweet and spicy.

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